Soil group meeting 15.12.17

Short round:

Outi: second paper accepted with subject to revision, sending the third paper soon to the co-authors, thesis summary started

Minna: last paper re-summited, writing thesis summary, employment in Mari’s group re-starting in January

Mari: enjoyed the holiday in Lapland, organizing moving of the group to Biokeskus 1 (planned to happen in January if everything gets ready), visited University of Gothenburg for planning of the future measurements and Nandita’s thesis. Need to recruit new people for modelling etc. Planning of greenhouse gas experiment etc.

Anuliina: finalizing the PhD thesis summary

Elisa: working on the Ms (last paper), Xmas stress

Bartek: can walk but not sleep, writing papers and waiting comments from submitted papers, supervising lab work, guest editor for “Forests”, commenting papers, etc.

Mari: submitted second paper, third paper on the way, data ready for fourth paper

Petteri: data files from Lettosuo ready for analysis

Xuan: writing the first Ms, summiting it before Xmas, writing the second Ms

Christine: working with data (statistics), writing materials & methods, waiting comments from the supervisors

Pannu: Good week, funding covered (official unemployment), started volunteer work, finalizing the summary for the PhD thesis

Kira: got working grant from the Kone Foundation for three years, working with Ms (statistics)

INAR kick-off in 12th of January: presentations of guidance group, poster needs to be designed, Mari will compile the first draft, important to advertise the group, presentation of themes that we are working with. Strategy, goal, impacts! Need to sell to the importance of soil processes to atmospheric sciences.

  • Everybody send your photo to Mari!
  • Think of a question/theme of your field
  • If you have nice pictures of soil, trees etc.

presentation by:

Christine Ribeiro: CO2/CH4 dynamics of the fire chronosequences

Mari Mäki will have a presentation in the next meeting 5.1.2018 klo 12.30.

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