Next soil guidance group meeting 27.10.2017

Dear all,

it is a high time to activate soil guidance group meetings for this academic year. Apologies for not arranging this before, I will explain why J. I propose to start the meetings and spend time in the meeting to discuss how to continue, how to make the meetings most beneficial for everyone. Lets meet on Friday 27 October at 12:30 in Metsätieteiden talo, room 332.


  • Round; feelings and tell shortly what you are working with right now
  • Discussing group meeting needs and expectations
  • Runopiiri (writing circle); do we want to activate it?
  • other?

participation list: if you know anyone missing from the email list, or someone who should not be there anymore (or if you don’t want to receive the emails), please let me know.

For everyone: please pursue joining the meeting, and ask your students take part in at least one guidance group activity. This is a place for peer support, getting and sharing information, ideas and solving your scientific problems.