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For the description of the toolkit seeĀ Lumme, Pomoell and Kilpua, 2017

Overview of the ELECTRICIT toolkit and its use in data-driven coronal simulations


Time evolution of the photospheric electric field plotted over the vertical (Bz) component of the photospheric magnetic field in a subregion of active region NOAA 11158. Electric field and the related processing of magnetogram and Dopplergram data was done using the ELECTRICIT software toolkit.


The azimuth angle of the photospheric vector magnetic field data processed through ELECTRICIT toolkit. ELECTRICIT toolkit removes the spurious temporal flips of the azimuth, thus improving the stability of the data and making it more suitable for time-dependent data-driven modeling

Magnetofrictional simulations

Time-dependent magnetofrictional simulation of a CME eruption from Active Region 11504 (Pomoell, Lumme & Kilpua, 2018)


Locating the flux rope from TMFM simulation using the Squashing factor technique


Flux rope magnetic structure from observations

Compilation of indirect proxies to determine magnetic structure of erupting flux ropes (Palmerio et al., 2018)