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The Jubilee Year of Social Psychology:
Fifty years of Finnish Social Psychology

The Department of Social Psychology was established in 1962 as a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Till the year 2010 Social Psychology was an independent Department at the Faculty; after that it has been one of the seven disciplines within the Department of Social Research. At present three universities have a Social Psychology curriculum.

The Jubilee year programme consists of various activities; for example participation in the public Think Corner of the University of Helsinki, and hosting the national annual Social Psychology Conference in November 23-24, 2012. We also expect around 10 doctoral candidates from all three Universities to defend their doctoral thesis in Social Psychology by the end of the year.

More programme is available here (mainly in Finnish). If you have questions about the Jubilee year do not hesitate to contact Johanna Hyytiäinen, johanna.hyytiainen(at) or Jaana Lehtinen, jaana.lehtinen(at)

More information of the social Psychology Unit at the University of Helsinki: