Project update 2023

At the end of 2022 our project officially came to an end, but project activities will still continue well into 2023.

After talks in Brussels and Austin, Texas last year, Daniela is now focusing on thesis writing, sifting through the coded examples from her 100 sample languages using the qualitative data package for R, RQDA. One exciting aspect of this approach (which, as far as I know, has not yet been attempted in linguistic typology) is that it allows for the bottom-up classification of examples, which delivers some surprising results and correlations between semantic classes of extended reported speech and their grammatical make-up. Keep an eye out for her thesis!

Together with colleagues from Indigenous Studies and General Linguistics in Helsinki I will be organising a panel on Language diversity and sustainability at the HELSUS Sustainability Science Days in May and with Esther Pascual (Shanghai International Studies University) and Arie Verhagen (Leiden University) I will present talks about extended reported speech and fictive interaction at the conference of the International Pragmatics Association (in Brussels) and the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (in Düsseldorf).

Three book volumes associated with the project should finally be published this year as well: a volume on reported thought for Mouton De Gruyter (edited with Daniela, Silvio Cruschina and Pekka Posio), our project’s volume on reported speech (all chapters are currently under review and authors will receive review reports within the next couple of months) and my short book on Grammatical Participation, a theory of language that suggests that dialogue is the primary driver for both linguistic diversity and variation and conventionalisation (‘core grammar’).

It looks like we will have a short resumption of our online reported speech workshop later this year. Contributors, expect an email update over the Summer!

– Stef

Project update

The first half of 2022 has been a relatively quiet period for our project, with project members either taking time off for family circumstances (Stef) or focusing on thesis completion (Daniela).

However, we will return with several conference presentations and events in the autumn and complete the two editing projects that are part of our project: a volume on reported thought (co-edited with Silvio Cruschina and Pekka Posio) for Mouton De Gruyter and a volume on reported speech for Language Science Press.

If you have been taking part in our online workshop or are contributing to our project’s edited volumes, you will receive further announcements in early autumn!