Global impact in interaction

The Board of the University of Helsinki has approved the Strategic Plan for 2017–2020. The Strategic Plan highlights the international, creative research and learning environment, open science, students and resources for reform.

The vision of the University of Helsinki is Global impact in interaction.

Luova ympäristö

The new Strategic Plan for 2017–2020 envisions the University as a creative, international environment for learning and top-level research. The University wants to attract students, researchers and partners from all over the world. This requires that basic research and the research infrastructures that support it are of a high standard, profiling is clear, and an emphasis is put on recruitment and open science.

Opiskelija keskiöön

A strong focus is directed at students. Students will be offered more competitive degrees, opportunities to participate in research early on in their studies as well as digital learning environments. The aim is also to engage all students so that their voice will be better heard at the University.

Uudistuvat voimavarat

The current environment that the University is operating in requires the ability to renew and develop, sometimes at a fast pace. During the coming strategy period, the University will focus on developing an open and experimental operational culture, improved human resources, and versatile and flexible funding.


Jukka Kola


Strategic Plan of the University of Helsinki 2017–2020

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