Towards a new vision for 2017–2020

What kind of teaching will be offered and what kind of research will be conducted at the University of Helsinki in 2024? In what ways will the University exploit opportunities offered by research to solve global problems? Moreover, in what ways will the University engage with the surrounding society at that time?

The University of Helsinki is preparing a new strategic plan for the period 2017–2020 with the aim to

  • build a bold future scenario for the new role of the University of Helsinki up to 2024,
  • make clear choices for the development areas of the strategic plan and for their implementation, and
  • conduct the six-month drafting process in an inclusive manner, making use of information and communication technology

The University invites all its friends to join in the planning of its future! You can have your say by commenting on the blog and by emailing The University will also arrange discussion meetings on all campuses during the spring of 2015 and in 2016.

This blog will chart our way towards the new strategy. Join us!

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