Course instructions

How to complete this course

1) Familiarize yourself with the learning goals of each section of the ICT driving licence and browse the material for each section so that you have an idea of the requirements.

2) After this, perform the entry level tests in Moodle. The tests are not supervised, so you can perform them even at home. The tests are worth taking, since by performing them you will learn the things required for each section. In addition, the entry level tests grant you bonus points for your final exam! Also note that the link to the final exam will appear on the course page only after all entry level tests have been completed with a certain score (see Item 4). Note that you can take the tests as many times as you want.

You can find information about registration for the ICT driving licence course of your faculty,  and about teaching and competence tests in your faculty’s study guide. You can also receive important information on performing the ICT driving licence in your faculty’s orientation lectures and from your tutors. The contact information of the faculties’ contact personnel for ICT driving licence studies can be found on this page.

3) After performing the entry level tests, check the score you received in the entry level tests: you can find the scoring information through the Grades link in the menu on the left side of the screen in Moodle. Based on the scores, study the section-specific instructions for performing the ICT driving licence: the instructions can be found sorted by section on the “what to do next after the entry level tests?” page.

Below is a summarized image of how you should study for the ICT driving licence (click to enlarge the image):


4) After picking the study method most suitable for you, familiarize yourself better with the learning material and exercises for each section either by yourself or by taking part in contact teaching to the extent that you feel is necessary (see the instructions for reading). After studying the learning material and exercises carefully, you should take the entry level tests one more time to check how much you have learned. Once you score 14 points (70%) or more on the entry level test of each section, the link to the supervised final exam will appear at the bottom of the Moodle course front page. In other words, you can take the final exam only after you have scored 70% of the maximum points in all five entry level tests!

5) Sign up for your faculty’s ICT Driving Licence exam according to its instructions. The exam takes place in Moodle and lasts for 60 minutes. In the exam, you must answer the questions you are given and send the answers to be evaluated by the computer. After successfully passing the exam, you only need to fill in the self-evaluation and feedback form of the course: the link to the form can be found on the front page of the course area. After filling the self-evaluation and feedback form you have completed the ICT driving licence course!

Finishing the ICT driving licence does not mean the end of learning new ICT skills! If you run into problems or want to review something, you can always return to browse the ICT driving licence learning materials later during your studies.