Creating a study plan in Sisu

You can start planning your studies by creating your own study plan. You can access the new planning tool through the top menu of the My Studies page. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the study plan service
  2. Log in with your University of Helsinki username and password
  3. Move to the Opintojen rakenne (Study structure) tab
  4. Click on Luo uusi opintosuunnitelma (Create new study plan)
  5. Choose a study plan from the list

Viewing the plan and selecting studies

When you have created a new study plan, move to the Study structure tab. You will be able to review the study modules, subheadings and courses.

  1. Open one of the study modules included in the plan by clicking one of the headings in the plan.
  2. When a study module is open, its title will be displayed as blue.
  3. Depending on the selection requirements of the study module, the module will either already contain the required studies, or you must select studies yourself until the selection requirement is met.
  4. If the study module contains predetermined mandatory studies, the selection aid that opens on the left side looks as in the image below:
  5. If the student must select courses for the module, the student must keep selecting courses until the selection requirement displayed at the top of the selection aid is met. The selection is always performed by clicking the box icon located on the left side of the name of the course. In the following example, the student would only have to select one course:
  6. In some cases, modules may contain other modules that can be chosen. Although the modules look a bit different, they can be selected in exactly the same way as courses.
  7. A study plan also contains optional studies. Optional studies can be courses or modules. They can be added to the plan by clicking the “Find studies” bar and entering the name or identifier of the course or module.
  8. Add courses to the study modules in your plan until the study credit requirement of your degree is met.

Selecting the method of studying

When you have created a personal study plan and selected the courses, you have to choose the method of study for the courses.

  1. Open one of the modules
  2. Click the note icon next to a course included in the module. This will take you to the Perustiedot (Basic information) menu.
  3. Go to the Suoritustavat (Methods of study) tab in the basic information menu.
  4. Select one of the methods of study available by clicking one of the Tapa (Method) tabs. The selected method of study is displayed as blue.
  5. Click “Valitse tämä tapa” (Select this method). The text VALITTUNA (SELECTED) will show up on the Method tab on a green base.
  6. Repeat the procedure for all the courses selected for your study plan.

Placing the selected courses on a timeline

Once you have created your personal study plan, selected the courses and their methods of study, you can continue by scheduling your studies.

  1. Go to the Ajoitus (Schedule) tab
  2. Open the unscheduled studies field by clicking the text Laajenna (expand)
  3. Select the course to the schedule by clicking the icon with an arrow inside a circle
  4. The study planning system will recommend a suitable time period for you based on the chosen method of study, but you may also place the course elsewhere on the timeline
  5. You can change the selected method of study at this point by clicking the course’s basic information icon (the post-it note)
  6. If you want to schedule studies for the summer, select Näytä kesäperiodit (Show summer periods)
  7. Continue scheduling your studies until all courses are scheduled