Newsfeeds are updates offered by ISps to their users. They are sent in a certain format and can be read with the help of newsfeed reader programs. Many organisations, UH included, offer newsfeeds.

Newsfeed is usually available in one of the following formats: 

  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication): a widely spread type of newsfeed
  • ATOM: an open standard for distributing newsfeed
  • XML.

Newsfeed can usually be identified by one of the terms above. The following orange logo is also often used to mark newsfeed:

You can set newsfeed as a so-called live bookmark in e.g. Firefox. This enables you to follow the newsfeed of e.g. different newspapers live. The image below shows a newsfeed offered by UH as seen in the Firefox browser:

To subscribe to a newsfeed with Firefox, follow these steps:

  1. Go to a page with a newsfeed that interests you. You will see the orange logo in the address field as a sign of a newsfeed on the page. Click on the logo:

  2. Set the application you want to use for newsfeeds on the page that opens up (see image below) by opening the menu ‘Subscribe to this feed using.’

  3. Select the application from the menu (in the example below, the Live Bookmarks application in Firefox has been selected):


  4. Set the place the program suggests for the newsfeed:

If you wish, you can aggregate newsfeeds into e.g. web pages. There are many free newsfeed aggregation services on-line for this purpose, such as Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google Reader or Netvibes.