Grouping and ungrouping objects

An image made with a draw program usually consists of several individual objects. If there are numerous objects, it may be difficult to handle individual objects. In such cases, the best solution is usually to group the objects; it is much easier to move groups of objects than individual objects. If the need arises, you can ungroup the objects so that the objects can be modified individually again.

How to group objects with CorelDraw:

  1. Keep the Shift key pressed down while selecting all the objects you want to group together. In the example below, three circles are grouped.

  2. Open the menu Arrange and select Group, or click on the Group button in the toolbar (see image below). The program will group the objects. 

How to ungroup:

  1. Select the group:

  2. Open the menu Arrange and select Ungroup. You can also give this command by clicking on the Ungroup button:

After ungrouping them, you can manage the objects individually again.