Cropping, rotating and mirroring images

Cropping an image

There are many ways to crop an image. One of the most handy ways is to use the Selection tool. In Paint Shop Pro, this tool is available in the left-hand tool bar:

To crop an image: click on the Selection tool and use it to draw a rectangle around the area of the image that you want to save. When you let go of the mouse button, a dotted line will show around the selected area (see image below).  

It often happens that the selection fails on the first try. If you want to re-crop the image, you can remove the selection by clicking on the Select None command in the Selections menu.

When you are finished with your selection, you can add or remove some of the selection by pressing down Shift or CTRL while making a new selection.

When the selection is right, click on Crop to selection in the Image menu. The program will remove everything outside the selection from the image. Below is an example of a cropped image:


Rotating an image

Sometimes you need to rotate an image clockwise or counter-clockwise. With most operating systems, you can rotate an image even without an image-processing program, but the best way to position the image exactly right is to use the rotating feature of an image-processing program.

Rotate and image by selecting one of the following commands from the Image menu:

  • Rotate right: the image is turned clockwise 90 degrees
  • Rotate left: the image is turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise
  • Free rotate: you can set the direction and degree of rotation yourself

Example: the Rotate left command has been given to the left image below: 


With the Free rotate feature, you can specify the rotation degree yourself:

The image below to the left is the original while the one to the right has been rotated 10 degrees.


Mirroring an image

Sometimes an image that has been scanned has been placed the wrong way into the scanner, so that you need to mirror it, either along its horizontal or its vertical axle.

The image below to the left has been mirrored by selecting the command Mirror in the Image menu. The image to the right is the mirrored image.