Sorting and searching messages

Almost all e-mail applications let you arrange messages stored in folders based on various sorting criteria and search for messages based on various search criteria.

Sorting messages

To sort messages in Outlook, click the column headers above the messages, such as Subject, From or Received (see the image below). For example, if you click on Received, the program will sort the messages according to the date they were received.


If you click the same button again, the application will sort the messages in reverse order. The same principle usually also applies to other similar buttons.

Searching messages

You can use the Outlook search operation for quick searches in an open message folder. The search field is the box shown above the list of e-mails that contains the text Search Current Mailbox.

When you type the search term in the search box, the program will display the messages that match your search. To return to normal view, click the X to the right of the search field or the Close Search button in the menu bar.