Printing at the university

Print quota and card registration

Printers that are intended for the use of students can be found on each campus and close to almost every computer facility. You can use all multi-function printers marked with Unigrafia stickers. To be able to print, you need to purchase printing balance in the Unigrafia balance store available at

A smartcard is used to identify oneself on the Smartcard printers (e.g. HSL travel card, a new type of UH ID card or the newest student cards). You can also purchase a specifically designed printing card from one of the Unigrafia express printing desks.

Upon first use, you need to register the card with your username and password. After that, simply show the card to the device to identify yourself.

How to use network printers

A wide variety of multifunction devices and network printers are housed within the university’s premises. The same device is available to a large number of computers over a local area network. You have access from your computer to all the printers in the same building. After registering a card for printing on a university printer, you can use it to release your job at any university multifunction device so long as you have first sent your job to the Smartcard job queue. You can also make photocopies on all multifunction devices within the limits of your printing balance.

You can print safely by opening the browser’s or program’s File menu and selecting Print, which lets you specify which printer you want to use. In Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), you can print your work by clicking on the File button in the top left corner (numbered 1 in the image below) and by clicking Print in the menu which opens (2).

Select any server with the name Smartcard from the Printer list (3) and click Print (4), whereupon the work will be transferred to the server printing queue.

After this, you can print your work on any printer by identifying yourself with the card you have registered. After identifying yourself on the printer, its screen will display a list of your work. Select the work to the printed and select Print + Delete to print the work and remove it from the line. Finally, log off of the printer by selecting Log out so that nobody else can use your account. Find more specific instructions for the use of printers on the Helpdesk website.

What do you do when you have a problem with the printers?

  1. Move to the Print menu through the File menu in the software you are using and make sure that the correct printing line you wish to use is selected.
  2. Please note that the printer list may include, for instance, PDF printers (such as Adobe PDF or PDF-XChange) that print your file as an electronic PDF document instead of printing on paper.
  3. If you are still not able to print your work, please contact Helpdesk.

Tips for conserving paper

When you use the printers at the computer labs, you should keep in mind ecological and economical issues. Only print what is absolutely necessary.  Double-sided printing not only saves paper but your printing quota as well! It is also advisable to consider whether you really need a paper print or if perhaps a PDF print, which can be saved and opened on almost any device, would be sufficient for your needs.

You can also print several pages on one paper. The feature of printing several pages per paper is fairly error-prone, though, so please make sure with one printout that it is working correctly, before printing larger volumes.

Please bear in mind the terms of use!

Printing as a PDF file

You can print (that is: save) text files as PDF files in most word processing programs, such as OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Word.

In Microsoft Word you can create a PDF file in the Save As menu by selecting File and Save As. After you have selected the save location, select *.PDF in the Save as Type menu and click the Save button.