Section 2.2 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – Computer facilities 

NB: if you have a user account to the university network, it is best to practice at a workstation at one of the computer centres.

Using your home directory located on the web

  1. Find the shortcut icon to your home directory and open the folder Documents in your home directory. Create a new folder called Test. Close the window.
  2. Open a word-processing program of your choice and create a new document. Write the word “Testing” on the first page. Save the document in the folder test under the name Testing. Close the word-processing program.
  3. Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer, which is a web browser). With the help of Explorer, find the document “Testing” that you just created. When you find the document, you can delete it. Then delete the folder Test.

EXERCISE 2 – Working in the computer labs

With the help of online map services, you can easily find out where the computer centres and labs are located.

Nearest computer facilities

  1. On the list, find at least two computer facility locations that are handy for you, e.g. the computer centre that is closest to your faculty or department, and the computer lab of your faculty. Write down the addresses of the places you have chosen.
  2. Use an online map service and find suitable routes and the public transit lines from your home to the computer facilities.
Online map services for the Greater Helsinki area: YTV (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council) journey planner Guide map for the Greater Helsinki area Google Maps