Monitoring your studies and managing personal information

Viewing completed studies

You can check the courses you have completed by choosing Completed studies in the My studies menu in WebOodi.

On the Completed studies page you will see a list of your completed studies that have been registered in WebOodi. The registered courses can be seen under the title of each course (e.g. General, Language and Basic Studies). If you want to check the parts that make up the course, click on the + sign beside the name of the course. This will expand the view to show the parts. At the bottom of the page you will find your total number of credits.

Study info

Ordering a study transcript

In the Tools tab in WebOodi, choose Transcript. If you do not see this option, click on My studies to expand the menu and show the options under the title.

Choose the credit scope that will be printed on the transcript and the transcript’s language and then click the Order the report button. The transcript will be viewable on the front page of WebOodi within approximately 10 minutes of submitting the order. When the transcript is ready, you will be informed by e-mail to your university e-mail address. You can order ten transcripts during one day. You can have a maximum of three pending transcript orders in WebOodi. The transcripts are kept on WebOodi’s front page for three days since the completion of the order.

Managing personal information

If your address or other contact information changes, inform the university of changes through WebOodi. To change your personal information, choose Personal data in the login menu in WebOodi.

The page will show you the information registered on you in the study register (such as information about your study programme and attendance). You can change your contact and other information by using WebOodi’s editing function.