The Studies service

The Studies service ( brings the most important tools, contents and services you need during your studies into one place.  Most parts of the Studies service can be used also without a user account and without logging in.

The front page of the service shows you current information about studies and read news published to the entire university community in the intranet, Flamma. When you log in, you can also view the bulletins of your own degree programme. In addition to the bulletins, the UniCafe lunch menus and events for students in the university’s calendar are shown on the front page. Make it a habit from the beginning of your studies to check the front page regularly to see what is going on at the university!

The service includes the My Studies page, Instructions for Students as well as Courses and Course pages. The Services and tools menu allows you to quickly access other university systems and services as well.

My Studies

When you log in to the My Studies page, you can view your timetable based on your registrations both in the list and the calendar format. If you want to, you can order the contents of the My Studies calendar to your own electronic calendar. To do this, click the Export to calendar button. My courses and exams list allows you to access your own course pages and the study materials saved by the teachers. My Studies page also allows you to edit your personal to do list.

Instructions for students

The instructions for students contain information and instructions to support your studies, arranged under several themes. You will find instructions for, for example, completing your studies as well as information about student advice and well-being services. When you are logged in, you can also view the degree programme-specific details in addition to the general instructions. The start page of Instructions for Students also contains a compilation general notifications and degree programme-specific information.

You can also access the instructions without logging in. However, when logged in, you can automatically see the instructions and notifications related to your own study programme. If you wish, you can also choose another study programme from the menu.

To make the most of the Instruction for students pages:

  • Log in. You will notice that your study programme is automatically selected.
  • You can look for guidelines either with the search function or under predefined themes.
  • Instructions on specific subjects can be found under the themes. An article may also be grouped under more than one theme.
  • The study programme-specific information is often at the end of the general instructions. You can also click the blue headings at the top of the instructions to jump to a specific section.
  • If you cannot find the information you are looking for, you can send a notification of this by clicking Feedback. We can only reply to your message if you click “I want a reply to my feedback”. Otherwise, your feedback is sent anonymously.


Courses shows all the options available at the University of Helsinki during the academic year. Courses include the options included in your own degree programme, and you can also search for courses of other degree programmes. The search results of Courses take you to the course-specific pages. Course pages contain information about the contents, method of implementation and schedule of courses. It also provides links to registration, learning environments and materials.