Other functionalities in WebOodi

Other important WebOodi functions include viewing your completed credits, ordering a certificate of enrolment and study transcript, updating your information as well as giving feedback (for teaching in some faculties). These will be discussed in this final section.

Viewing completed studies

In principle, all the courses that you have completed are shown as completed in your study plan in Sisu. If it seems that some credits are missing, check the information in WebOodi. Credits are recorded in WebOodi first and WebOodi therefore shows the most reliable credit information. If you feel that some credits are missing in WebOodi as well, contact the teacher or the student counselling at your campus.

You can check the courses you have completed by choosing Completed studies in the My studies menu in WebOodi. The registered courses can be seen under the title of each course. If you want to check the parts that make up the course, click on the + sign beside the name of the course, to the left of the ID. At the bottom of the page you will find your total number of credits.

Ordering a study transcript

In WebOodi’s Tools tab, choose Transcript and Study Certificate.

You can order the document directly by clicking the create button for the transcript or the study certificate. The document will be available on the same tab in a couple of minutes.

Updating your information

You can update your contact information through WebOodi: as a student, you must make sure that your address, telephone number, home municipality, release details and other similar information are up to date. Use the disclosure data to specify whether the student magazine “Ylioppilaslehti” may be sent to you, for example. If your address or other contact information changes, inform the university of changes through WebOodi. When you want to change your personal information, you can view them in the WebOodi login menu by clicking the Personal data link.

The page will show you the information registered on you in the study register (such as information about your study programme and attendance). If necessary, you can modify your contact and disclosure information by clicking the Change button.

Giving course feedback

You can give feedback on a course through WebOodi. To give feedback, click the My feedback link on the Tools tab.

After clicking the link, you will see a list of the courses that you have been registered for or you have registered for yourself. Select the course that you want to give feedback on and proceed to the feedback form by clicking on Give feedback by dd.mm.yyyy. The link is available if the course teacher has created a feedback form for the course and the feedback period has not run out.

Provide the feedback by clicking on the alternatives or choosing the feedback alternatives from drop-down menus. There can also be open-ended questions which you can answer by typing free-form comments. The mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*); the feedback system will not accept the feedback until all mandatory questions have been answered. Questions that have not been answered will be shown in red. Read through your feedback carefully and then send it by clicking the Send button.

Please note that you can give feedback only once for each course and you cannot change the feedback you have already sent in. The answers will be stored in the system and compiled into a statistical format. Only administrators reviewing statistics and the course teacher will have access to these statistics without seeing who gave the feedback (open answers will be shown anonymously). However, you can check your own feedback by clicking on the Submitted feedback link.