Planning your studies

This study material provides general information about the most important issues related to planning studies. Detailed instructions can be found on Sisu’s own instructions site. From the perspective of planning studies, it is important to

  • Create a study plan
  • Schedule the planned studies
  • Choose the completion method and register for courses

Creating a study plan

The study plan is the basis to which you connect all the studies included in your degree. Create a plan as soon as you start your studies. You will receive detailed instructions on how to do this during the orientation period of your own degree programme. Your student tutor can also help you with creating your study plan, if necessary.

You do not need to complete your study plan at once. The most important thing is to include the studies you will do soon. You can only register for courses that you have added to your study plan and for which you have chosen a completion method.

The compulsory studies included in your degree are automatically displayed in your plan. Choosing alternative and optional courses is done using the Sisu selection aid. The selection aid opens when you click on a title in your study plan .

Courses and study modules

The studies displayed in the study plan under the headings are called courses. Each course has its own course brochure in Sisu. You can open the brochure by clicking on the link in the course icon. The course brochure describes the course’s learning outcomes, completion methods, future teaching and possible substitute courses.

Upon graduating, courses are compiled into study modules. For example, the basic studies, intermediate studies and advanced studies of your discipline form their own study modules. If necessary, you can apply for the registration of a study module in Sisu already before graduation.

HOPS tutoring and tutoring groups

Sisu is also used in study guidance. You have been added to your own HOPS instructor’s tutoring group in Sisu, where you can also check who they are. Your instructor can see your study plan in Sisu and you can exchange comments and messages regarding it. Please agree with your HOPS instructor on ground rules for messaging.

Primary study plan

You can create multiple study plans related study rights, if you want. This may be necessary if you want to try and compare different options to complete your degree. However, one of the plans you have made will always be primary. You can tell it apart from the label “primary study plan” next to its name. It is up to you to decide which plan you choose as your primary study plan.

Please choose your primary study plan carefully and do not change it, unless necessary. You can only register for courses that are included in your primary study plan. Also, many applications related to your studies are done in accordance with the primary study plan. Some applications and decisions based on them will not transfer from one primary plan to another. Graduation requests can only be submitted for the primary study plan. You can consult with Student Services before changing your primary study plan.