Registering for teaching in WebOodi

The previous page explained how you move from the study calendar to WebOodi to enrol for teaching. The Registration in WebOodi link takes you directly to the registration page. We now explain how to register and how to cancel your registration.


When you have clicked the “Registration in WebOodi” link in Sisu’s study calendar, Sisu takes you to WebOodi’s study registration page. The button “Login to WebOodi” is located at the bottom of the page (see the image below). When you click the button, you get to WebOodi’s login page. Log in with your university user account and password.

After logging in, WebOodi takes you back to the page where you can register for teaching for the course you have selected. You can now register! First, click the checkbox of the study group you wish to register for (see the image below). You can see the group size, i.e., the maximum number of students on the course on the right side of the checkbox. When you are ready, remember to click Save at the bottom of the screen. After the registration, a screen will open showing you information about the course or examination. Please read it through carefully.

If the group you wanted to select is full, it is usually still possible to register on the reserve list. Check this from the teacher in charge of the course. You can find their name in the study information. Note that you also need to keep an eye on your registrations: if you decide not to participate in teaching, cancel your registration well in advance. The system automatically gives the place to the next person on the reserve list! If you do not cancel your registration, there may be empty places on the course when the course starts, even though several students may be waiting in the queue. There may even be sanctions in place for students who have not cancelled their registration, since they rob other students of their study opportunities.

Cancelling a registration

If you cannot attend an examination or course that you have registered for or if you accidentally chose a wrong course at registration, you can cancel the registration yourself. This requires that the registration for the examination or course is still open. To view your registrations, click the Registrations link in the My studies drop-down menu in WebOodi’s top bar.

If you want to cancel a registration, choose the Delete button at the right under Functions. The system will ask you to confirm your cancellation. If the deletion was successful, you will receive a confirmation message. If the deletion is not successful, contact the teacher in charge.