Scheduling your studies

On the Timeline page you can select the academic year and period in which you plan to complete your planned courses. The courses that you have already completed are shown in the timeline automatically if you have added them to your study plan. You should choose a so-called timing template for your studies if there is one available for your degree programme. In the timing template, courses related to the discipline of your degree programme and that are recommended to be completed during a specific period of instruction are prefilled.

Remember to choose the completion method and register for the course!

While there, you can also add the teaching information to your study calendar. You can also add other entries to the calendar and connect it with the calendar of your phone, for example. Please note that adding a completion method or course to the study calendar does not mean that you have registered for the course. You will be able to register for the course on the Study calendar page after choosing the completion method.

Sisu electronic forms

Many applications and requests related to your studies are submitted via Sisu. Detailed instructions can be found on Sisu’s own instructions site.

Below is a list of the most common applications and requests in Sisu:

  • If you would like to complete studies in a way that your study plan does not automatically allow, you can submit an application via the selection aid on the Structure of studies page. The application is made in a so-called free edit mode (“vapaan muokkauksen tila” or vapsu).
  • When you apply for a student exchange, you add the studies to your study plan in the selection aid on the Structure of studies page (study draft).
  • Once you have completed all studies included in your degree, you can submit a graduation request on the Structure of studies page.
  • If your study right is terminating during the current academic year, you can apply for an extension for your studies by accessing the study right information (My profile).

Every application and request you send in Sisu is processed by the Student Services. Please do not submit applications as an experiment. Some applications cannot be withdrawn once they have been processed by Student Services.  In addition, unnecessary applications place an unnecessary burden on Student Services.