Scheduling your studies and Sisu’s study calendar

On this page, we learn about the timing of studies and the creation of a timetable in Sisu’s study calendar.

Start by adding the courses that you have planned to the timeline of the Timeline tab. In the best case, Sisu places the courses on the timeline automatically based on your study plan. After this, you can move to the Study calendar tab to select the completion methods for the courses.

Scheduling your studies

In the Timeline tab, select the year and period in which you plan to complete the courses you have selected. The courses that you have already completed are shown in the timeline automatically if you have added them to your study plan. Use the Sisu top bar to go to the Timeline tab. Use the timing template for your studies if at all possible. The timing template guides your selections in the order that the courses have been planned to be taken. The timing template can be found in the left side of the Timeline tab. The menu text is Timing template.

The timing template does not force anything on you, but using it saves time and trouble during the studies. The timing template only schedules courses included in your study plan, however. If you have not, for example, selected the required courses in the Structure of studies screen yet, the timing template cannot schedule them.

The timing template cannot be used in all cases. It might be that your degree programme does not use the timing template or that it does not fit your own plans. In such a case, you can also schedule the courses one by one. Open the blue menu at the bottom of the screen (see the image above). The menu text is Add courses to the timeline. In this menu, you can move your planned courses into the schedule according to your needs. Always check the course brochure for the teaching offered when placing courses on the timeline without the timing template.

Creating a timetable in the Study calendar and registering for teaching

In the Study calendar, you give Sisu the details about when and how you plan to take the courses you have planned. You can also add other entries to the calendar. You can link Sisu’s study calendar to the calendar on your phone, for example.

Let’s now see how you can select completion methods and register for teaching. In this stage, you will select a completion method or teaching for each of the planned courses and add them to your calendar. Note that adding teaching to the study calendar does not mean that you have registered for teaching. In the academic year 2020–21, you still need to register in the WebOodi information system. You proceed to registration from Sisu through the study calendar.

The study calendar has three tabs: Teaching not selected, Enrollment and teaching and Completed and interrupted. We will now proceed in the Teaching not selected tab. It lists the courses for which you have not yet selected a completion method and which you have not moved to your calendar yet.  The courses are shown in the tab in the same order as in the timing of studies you have completed. To select a completion method and add it to your calendar, click Continue to selections (See the image below.)

When you continue to the selection, the course brochure opens in the Completion methods tab. There may be several completion methods available. Select the one you want to use for the course in question. Click the desired completion method, such as Method 1 (see the image below). Then click Select this completion method at the bottom of the screen. The completion method has now been confirmed and its Select this completion method button has changed to Selected. To finish, click the Select button at the right side of the tab. The completion method you have selected is now transferred to your study calendar.

NB! Clicking Select only takes the completion method to your study calendar. It does not enrol you to teaching yet!

When you have clicked Select to select the completion method to your study calendar, Sisu shows the Proceed to enrol link at the top of the tab. The link takes you back to your study calendar. In your study calendar, on the other hand, the scrollable drop-down menu shows the button Enrol in WebOodi. When you click this button, you go to WebOodi.

You will learn more about WebOodi enrolments at the end of this section when we review the other WebOodi functions. If you wish to complete your enrolment now, go to the WebOodi instructions at the end of this section. We will now continue with the scheduling of teaching and study groups in Sisu’s study calendar.

Scheduling teaching and study groups in the calendar

When you click to activate the Show events in calendar button, the study group you have selected is shown in your calendar. You can now schedule teaching and different study groups as well as review any overlaps with other teaching or personal entries in the calendar.