Video recordings and streaming

The University of Helsinki offers lots of different kinds of recordings of lectures and seminars, among other things. Nowadays many courses have recorded lectures available or offer the possibility of following lectures remotely online.

This page covers the following topics:

  • Video recordings and streaming
    • UniTube Viewer
    • Adobe Connect
  • Videos made by students
    • UniTube Download Centre

UniTube Viewer

UniTube is a channel for watching and distributing videos for people at the university. You can find the UniTube Viewer on the university’s open web site at and in Flamma in the News and Events tab. In UniTube, you can watch live and recorded lectures, teaching and instruction videos and other recordings stored in the network.

Videos are published as series in UniTube, so the easiest way to find a video is usually to sort the videos according to the series or faculty. Also note that some UniTube videos may have restricted viewing rights. They may, for example, only be available for the participants of a certain Moodle course, so not all videos can be viewed by all users.

Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect online meeting system (also known as AC) allows online meeting rooms of more than 100 people and web seminars of up to 1,500 participants. IT Center for Science CSC maintains the universities’ joint Adobe Connect system that the University of Helsinki uses. However, students cannot create their own meeting rooms there.

As there is still only a limited number of UniTube lecture rooms, some of the live lectures and/or lecture recordings available are realised with Adobe Connect. With the address of the AC meeting room (and possibly the room’s key code), you can follow teaching with a web browser or a mobile device using the free Connect Mobile application. However, recordings made directly in the Adobe Connect system require the Adobe Flash Player plugin if the teacher has not posted the lecture in UniTube. Consequently, most mobile applications cannot be used for viewing AC recordings and an ordinary computer is still required.

Adobe Connect has a dedicated support site providing instructions and practical tips on participating meetings.


Other videos used in teaching

The course may also have other videos on offer. Some teachers may make videos available in popular video sharing services, such as YouTube or Vimeo.  Video materials may also be available as downloadable files in the avi, mov or mp4 file format, for instance. You can open these file formats using player software, although you may also be able to watch the videos directly in your browser window.

The free VLC player is a good option for opening video and audio files on any computer. It is preinstalled on all university computers

Videos made by students

UniTube Download Centre

All people at the university have the opportunity to upload their own recordings to the UniTube uploader. You can find the UniTube uploader via the Tools tab in the old Flamma (the new version will be released later in 2019). In the Download Centre, you can save videos recorded using a tablet, a smartphone camera or a video camera, computer animations, audio files created using a dictation machine or other media files.

There are also teaching facilities and studios around the university with UniTube recording equipment. These so-called UniTube facilities can be reserved separately and used for the filming and recording of videos directly into the UniTube Download Centre using the control panel in the room. More detailed instructions about the use of the UniTube Download Centre and lecture recording equipment can be found at the Helpdesk site.