How to get started!

How to complete this course

The Student’s digital skills (3 sp) course is taken in two parts: Student’s digital skills: orientation (2 sp) and Student’s digital skills: advanced skills (1 sp).  The orientation part includes completing sections 1–4 of these reading materials. The advanced part of the materials is completed after the orientation part on a separate course platform in a separate competence test.

Please note that the content of the advanced part (1 credit) associated with these reading materials is not completed in all study programmes. Certain study programmes include completing separate course content described in the course catalogues for the study programmes on WebOodi (under study blocks). These study programmes are:

  • Medicine study programme
  • Dentistry study programme
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Mathematical Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Physical Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Chemistry
  • Bachelor’s Programme for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science

How to begin:

  • First review the introduction of the course in the course catalogue for your own study programme on WebOodi (see study blocks).
  • Next, log in to the Moodle course area of the “Student’s digital skills: orientation” part of your campus, where you will find detailed instructions for completing the course. You will find the course key (password) required for log-in in the course area introduction, below the course area name.

You can access WebOodi and Moodle easily through the My Studies page.

The campus-specific identifiers and names of the orientation part for finding the course areas in Moodle:

DIGI-000A Student’s digital skills: orientation (City Centre)
DIGI-100A Student’s digital skills: orientation (Kumpula)
DIGI-200A Student’s digital skills: orientation (Viikki)
DIGI-300A Student’s digital skills: orientation (Meilahti)
AYDIGI-500A Student’s digital skills: orientation (Open University)
DIGI-400A Studentens digitalkompetens: orientering (Svenskspråkig) – for Swedish-speaking students of all study programmes!

Instructions for taking the course

Below you can find a condensed image of how you should study the course and short instructions for taking it. For detailed instructions, see the course area for your campus!

1) First review each part’s study materials and take the entry level tests for each part in Moodle.

2) If your entry level test score is under 70%, study its content using the study materials.

3) Once you score 70% or more on the entry level test of each section, the link to the competence test will appear at the bottom of the Moodle course front page. You have completed the course once you scored a minimum of 70% of the maximum score.

If you encounter problems or would like to repeat something, you can always return to the course materials and the additional reading material also later during your studies.