eResources: remote access and terms of use

Remote access

University students and personnel can remotely access online materials acquired by Helsinki University Library. A valid user account for a University computer system permits online access to the electronic resources licensed by the Library from any on- or off-campus computer.

The links of eResources that are found by using Helka database or the Search functionality on Library website are supporting remote access. By following these links you can access eResources of your choice via the logging in form. You need to log in (e.g. in Helka) only once per session.

eResources terms of use

As a holder of a user account for University of Helsinki network you have the right to use the electronic publications acquired by the Helsinki University Library, as well as the responsibility to comply with the terms of use as described in the licensing agreements. Breach of the terms of use may result in access being blocked for the entire University of Helsinki community.

You may

  • browse and search the material
  • copy, print or save search results and individual articles in reasonable amounts for your personal use in study, teaching or research
  • share individual articles with a third party for purposes of scientific research and communication
  • incorporate links to e-resources in electronic course materials used in teaching at the University of Helsinki

You may not

  • use the material or parts thereof for commercial purposes
  • distribute, sell or modify the material or make derivative works of it
  • systematically download material by robots or other automatic processes

Log out of the eResource if you don’t need it anymore. Many eResources have licenses that allow only a limited number of users at a time.