Spreadsheets can be used for e.g. documents and presentations. you can create spreadsheets with spreadsheet programs and to some extent with word-processor programs. Spreadsheets consist of single cells that can contain numbers, text or e.g. mathematical formulas. If you wish you can transfer a spreadsheet to e.g. a document or a slideshow.

The spreadsheet cells form a grid of horizontal rows and vertical columns as shown in the following image:


The most common file types for saving spreadsheets are:

  • xls, xlsx: the file type of the program Excel. You may need to install updates in order to be able to open and modify xlsx files with an older version of Excel or another program.
  • sav: the file type of the statistics program SPSS

You can transfer a spreadsheet from one program to another, e.g. from a web page to a word-processor program or a spreadsheet program by way of the clipboard.