Printing slides

You can make different print-outs of the slide show, such as single slides, summary handouts, note pages or outline pages. You can print the slides in colour or black and white.

  • Slides: the program will print one slide/page.
  • Handouts: the program will print the minimized slides on one page. Depending on the program, you can usually print 1-9 slides/page.
  • Notes Pages: the program will print each slide and some lines for note-taking on each page. You can write notes alongside the slides by opening View and selecting Notes Pages.
  • Outline View: the program will print the slide-show text in a list, like a table of contents.
Slides  Handouts  Notes Outline


Consider what you want to print before printing. When you have decided how you want to print your slide show, click on File button in the top left corner of the program window, and select Print from the menu that opens. If there are several printers connected to the computer, select the printer you want to use from the list by Printers. Then set the range you want to print under Print range:

  • All (all the slides)
  • Current slide
  • Slides (which slides, e.g. 1,3,8,10-12)
  • Selection (a selected area in a slide)

Under Print All Slides you can select one of the above-mentioned printing options (notes, slides, handouts, etc).

In the Copies box you can specify how many copies you want to print, and if you select Collate, the program will sort the copies for you. Accept your choices by clicking on OK.

If your audience is not very large, and you want to hand out copies of your presentation, you can select e.g. the handout option with three slides per page along with lines for notes.

If you want to change the headers and footers, dates or other data for the handouts, edit the slide headers and footers: to edit them in PowerPoint, use the Header & Footer feature in the Insert menu.