Section P.4 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – Good routines for slide shows

  1.  Review the good routines for slide shows.

EXERCISE 2 – Compiling a slide show

You have created the folder Data presentation earlier in this section. The files you need in this exercise have been compressed into one “Data-presentation“-zip file. Download the file to your computer and unzip it into the folder Data presentation.

  1. Create a new, empty slide show.
  2. Set the show to be presented on the computer.
  3. Create the title slide below for the show and add your own name.
  4. Save the slide show in your exercise folder under the name “Clear presentation”.
  5. Add a new slide to your show and enter the information shown below in it.
  6. Add another slide to your show. select a slide layout where there is a text marker on the left and space for an image on the right. Enter the text in the model below into your slide and insert the image called Conference from your exercise folder.office2013_pp_harjoitus_2

EXERCISE 3 – Slide masters and design templates

In this exercise, we will continue editing the previous exercise.

  1. Select the design template below for you slide show (if there is not a similar one in your list, you can select another one).
  2. Add yet another slide to your show and enter the text shown below into it.
  3. Open the workbook Budget chart with Excel or some other spreadsheet program and copy the bar chart to the slide by way of the clipboard.office2013_pp_harjoitus_3
  4. Set the chart you copied to use the colour scheme of the design template you selected before (see image below). Then go to the slide master and set all the headings to align to the left. The slide should then look apprx. like this:
  5. Add another slide to the show. Select the layout shown below and enter the data:
  6. Reorder the slides in the show so that the slide about the spreadsheet comes before the one about the chart.
  7. Save the slide show.

EXERCISE 4 – Showing the slide show

  1. Open the file “Clear presentation” unless it is already open.
  2. Watch the slide show.
  3. Try different methods of proceeding from one slide to another.

EXERCISE 5 – Printing slides

  1. Open the file “Clear presentation” again, unless it is already open.
  2. Open the printing menu and look at the different alternatives for printing the slide show. To preserve the environment, do not print unnecessary copies.