P.5 Transferring data between programs

When editing data in different programs, you will often need to transfer data from one program to another; you can move images from an image processor to a slide show or word-processor document, for example, or charts from spreadsheet programs, etc. Mostly, you can choose between different methods of transferring data, such as:

  • by way of the clipboard (please see the chapter on the clipboard and management of objects)
  • by saving the data as a file and importing it to another program with the Import feature
  • by linking objects

When you use the Import feature, there will be no link between the source program (such as an image processor) and the target program (such as a desktop publishing program), so the data you edit in the source program will not be updated automatically in the target program. If, however, you import data from one program to another by linking, there will be a link between the programs, and the data will be updated in the target program when you edit it in the source program.