Research in progress

Article 1: From STI policy ideas to infrastructures: Understanding the construction of research funding schemes


Science, technology and innovation (STI) policy is shaped by the policy instruments used. Strategic research funding schemes are particularly centered around notions of relevance, challenge-orientation, and transdisciplinary collaboration. In this article, I investigate how abstract policy objectives are translated into governance by drawing on a case study on the emergence of a Strategic Research instrument in Finland. In doing so, I identify and analyze three dimensions that were central to the construction of the funding instrument: anticipatory tailoring, templates and sense-making. I examine how they structured inclusion and exclusion in terms of council member and project selection, research theme formation, assessment, and formal representations of knowledge production. I show how the translation of policy ideas to infrastructures is historically contingent, does not always respond to intuitive conceptions of what is sought after, and is prone to generating paradoxical outcomes to governance practices, such as the disqualification of experts in evaluation. The results increase our understanding of the work that the designing of policy instruments entails, and the factors that make a difference in the outcome of their construction processes.


Article 2: The imagined policy solution in a contested terrain of research funding


Article 3: Living with policy instruments: Asymmetries between demands for articulation