Not even a week till the course begins

This has been the last week before the course, and it’s been full of surprises! Lecturers have canceled and wanted to implement some changes to our almost-final schedule, so it has changed a bit, but nothing major. However, as the course coordinator, I feel like I’ve been solving a rubik’s cube for the whole week!

My office frustration has also grown quite a bit. It will be a GREAT change to get to go to class rooms and interactive events from a quiet, yet busy, office. Being an office monkey is certainly not my thing, at least not in these quantities. I’m especially looking forward to going to Hyytiälä, as it is quite a magical place! You can check their info pages if you want to know something about the place beforehand.

I hope that all the incoming students and visiting lecturers are also looking forward to the course. Next Tuesday it begins!

– Saska, the coordinator


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