Day 12 – 20th of August – End of the HSS Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes course

Hello, dear HSS comrades,

All good things must come to an end. We have a great pleasure to say goodbye to you all. We have had a bunch of amazing events organized for us since we arrived here in HSS apart from studying as a priority number one. We really enjoyed the course and had an experience of a lifetime together and it is now time to say goodbye and part ways and go back to our home country and practice what we have been taught here in HSS. Once more we grasp this noble opportunity to say Asante Sana! Kiitos!!

last1HSS Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes students on class session

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Day 11 – 19th of August – Green Economy – Bioeconomy: which way to go?

It is almost the end of our Summer School!! Of course we are a little bit tired after almost three weeks of rich discussions and experience exchanges… but there is always time for more!

Today we changed place and our ‘family’ grew up: we are ready for sharing our ideas at the “Public Seminar”, part of the Summer School program.


The central theme of the seminar is Green Economy, and a panel of experts will follow the three presentations. The challenge of the day is to discuss which is the best way to go with Green (or Bio) Economy.


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Day 8 – 14th of August – Carbon in landscapes

The day began with the Kenyan folks arriving very early, prepared to start the day! Saska Lohi, the programme coordinator made some initial remarks and presented the activities for the day. Day was fully dedicated to understand carbon; both in theory and practice, through the lecture in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon.

Docent Markku Larjavaara, working in VITRI, revolved around carbon in five sections; carbon in forests, global biomass variation, impact of global change to forest carbon, carbon workshop and concluded with how money and carbon are linked!


Docent Markku Larjavaara delivering a lecture on carbon

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Day 5 – 11th of August – Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Early morning Denis traveled to the Viikki campus by bike, which was provided to him by the course coordinator Saska Lohi. It was a great opportunity to enjoy cycling in Helsinki (which is one of the best bike-friendly capitals in the world) and to be an environmentally responsible student (Kiitos Saska!).

The lovely weather continued (the days when the temperature reaches above 25 degrees are counted as ”hellepäivä” or ”a day with a hot and sunny weather” in Finland, this year we’ve only had a handful of days like this so far!).


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Day 4 – 10th August – Ecosystem services, biodiversity



 Day 4 (10th August 2015) of the Helsinki Summer School, Viikki campus “Management of sustainable Forest land scape” started on time. We were glad we had had the field trip the week before because now that we had to get into “substance”, it was nice to have in the back of our minds more knowledge of the Finnish landscape as well as of our class-mates personal “landscapes” (countries of origin, of residence, personalities, etc.)

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