Day 12 – 20th of August – End of the HSS Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes course

Hello, dear HSS comrades,

All good things must come to an end. We have a great pleasure to say goodbye to you all. We have had a bunch of amazing events organized for us since we arrived here in HSS apart from studying as a priority number one. We really enjoyed the course and had an experience of a lifetime together and it is now time to say goodbye and part ways and go back to our home country and practice what we have been taught here in HSS. Once more we grasp this noble opportunity to say Asante Sana! Kiitos!!

last1HSS Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes students on class session


The end of the course day started with a final reflections and SWOT analysis of the whole course from 09:00-12:00. Students went through the sessions with course coordinator of Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes course Mr. Saska Lohi and Mr. Adrian Monge Monge. The three areas reflected were: objective of the course, contents of the course and what students expected to achieve at the end of the course. Whereas the objective of the course was to provide learning tools and methods to analyze and identify opportunities and threats to forest landscapes the students recommended that the course needed to be improved. The analyzed feedback of contents of the course was provided whereby students had given positive and negatives opinions. In the forum the students reacted to focus on the bigger picture of the course and what it is expected of them to achieve. There was a lively debate which went to the SWOT analysis sessions led by Mr. Adrian. Varied strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were provided by students.

People went for one hour lunch break at 12.00 and convened back at 1.00pm for a closing ceremony which was accompanied with a coffee drink prepared by Mr. Adrian and provision of free books to students which they were to carry to their home country. Prof. Markku and Mr. Saska gave out the certificates of attendance to students followed by closing remarks.

last2 last3

       A student being issued with a certificate                   Memorable moments

Later in the evening students went for a free entry HSS farewell party at Pub Thirsty Scholar (Fabianinkatu 37) which started at 20.00-02.00am. The party was organized by HSS Programme Coordinator Ms Noora Saarinen. In the party the HSS students got a 0.50 Euro discount from all drinks on tap by showing their HSS name tag at the counter. The drinks were enjoyed with free bites of nuts and crisps and lively music from the Dj.

A memorable HSS opening day ceremony


Ogilo and Safy


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