Day 6: Biodiversity and valuation of ecosystem services 15.8.17

Forests cover a third off all land on earth and  play a key role in our life so it is necessary to know about  forests, climate change, biofuels, gender, conservation, trade, deforestation, food security, illegal logging, governance, biodiversity, challenges of forests and landscape management around the world. so fortunately we found this best opportunity and golden chance with Helsinki summer school to study in this field and share this information with others. I found this course (Managing Sustainable Forest Landscapes) very important and full of useful  information, also teaching method is excellent.

We learned about Landscapes Management, introduction of Ecosystem Services and climate change from Prof. Markku Kanninen Director of Viikki tropical resources institute at university of Helsinki then we had a group work instruction by Prof. Markku Kanninen and course coordinator Mr. Mikko Kaija.

We learned about biodiversity as a foundation for ecosystem services by Iryna Herzon and we had a short information about Master program at the field of forest sciences, finally after lunch break we had a lecture about valuation of ecosystem services by forest economic Mika Rekola and we had enough time for questions and discussions. We are now at the middle of course time and we have to continue.
Finally I must say I appreciate the lecturers because they really trying to improve our knowledge and we have enough time for questions and discussions, instructors are using the best methods for their teachings,
of course I am a little bit under the pressure of lessons and volume of lessons but it is not boring me because I can ask from our teachers when necessary.

-Qudratullah Patan


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