The International Committee for the History of Technology

Seventh Annual Symposium on the Social History of Military Technology, Barcelona 10-14.7.2012

Incorporating the Gunpowder Study Group


Session 1

What Was the Trojan Horse?

Harry Rand (US)

The Trireme–The Ship That Changed the Ancient World?

Jorit Wintjes (Germany)

Keeping the Gun and Nothing Else: Pre-existing “Military” Organization in Kandy and Burma and the Introduction of Firearms.

Michael Charney (UK)


Session 2

Arms and Armor of Arab Warriors; or, When Artisanship Becomes Art and Technique.

Laila Belhaj (Morocco)

The Livre de cannonerie et artifice de feu published by Vincent Sertenas (1561) and Its Technological Milieu

Bert Hall (Canada)

The Mediterranean Origins of 18th Century Swedish-Finnish Naval Innovations

Mikko Huhtamies (Finland)


Session 3

How to Choose the Cadets in Military Schools at the Beginning of the 19th Century

Juan Navarro-Loidi (Spain)

A Steel Ring and Its Consequences

Petter Wulff (Sweden) NOTE: MUST BE HOME BY 14 JULY

Victorian Innovation? Yankee Enterprise versus English Conservatism in Military Technology

Steven Collins (US)

Session 4

Nineteenth-Century British Coastal Defenses: The Fear of Invasion, Naval Challenge, and Palmerston’s Follies

Jesse Heitz (UK)

The Role of the Confederate and Union Telegraph Systems in the Outcome of the American Civil War

John Miller (US)

The Military-Scientific Translator

David Zimmerman (Canada)


Session 5

Shooting Wells. Geology and Development of Oil Mining Technology

Francesco Gerali (Italy/Mexico)

Alfred Nobel’s August 1890 letter to the Russian minister of War

Yoel Bergmann (Israel)

Nobel’s Dynamite Factory in Bratislava

Nina Bartosova (Slovakia)


Session 6

The career of an Infernal Lady—Big Bertha

Bruno De Corte (Belgium)

Innovative Tactics and Techniques in the Dardanelles Campaign during World War I.

Esat Arslan (Turkey)

Technology and War Propaganda in World War I Italian Advertising

Loredana Vannacci and Ciro Paoletti (Italy/France)


Session 7

Technology, Sectional Interest and Norwegian Air Power 1920–1940

Frode Lindgjeret (Norway).

“The Spitfire Is ‘Now an Aeroplane’”: RAF Fighter Command, the Constant-Speed Propeller, and User Innovation

Jeremy R. Kinney (US)

Transforming the American Army after the Cold War

Frank Maas (Canada)


Session 8

The Sinai Field Mission, the Electronic Third Part

Enrico Magnani (Italy/UN)

Aid-for-Labor: Civil Engineering and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

Scott Alamanach Mikalauskis (US/Thailand)

Chivalric Culture and Cyborganism: Tribe and Territory in a Holographic Age of Human Security

Michael A. Budd (US)

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