SYLFF Scholarships 2016

The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF) will award two scholarships of 25 000 euro each (incl. 1600 euro for working facilities). The scholarships are awarded to the following fields of study: 1) International Relations; 2) Asian and African Studies; 3) Social and Cultural Anthropology. The scholarships are for postgraduate students at the University of Helsinki and they are intended for fulltime research during one year. The scholarship recipient has to have a valid postgraduate right of study. SYLFF grantees have the opportunity to apply for further financing through the SYLFF programme (www.sylff.org). Please see the University of Helsinki Funds pages for general details, and the application form for the SYLFF Grant to apply.

The application period runs from 27January 2016 (08:00 onwards) to 10 February 2016 (until 15:00).


SYLFF Leadership Initiatives

Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI) are open for application starting 1 April 2013. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Through SLIs, the Tokyo Foundation provides financial support for Sylff fellows wishing to undertake 1) social action projects or 2) to organize a forum, conference, seminar, or workshop addressing social issues. Projects involving one or more Sylff fellows are eligible for an SLI award of up to US$10,000. Please see the SLI website for more details.


SYLFF Research Abroad

All Sylff fellows who are currently enrolled in a doctoral program are eligible for Sylff Research Abroad. SRA awards support academic research related to their doctoral dissertation, conducted as a non-degree student at any institution of higher learning in a foreign country. The Tokyo Foundation provides a maximum of US$5,000 for each successful applicant.

The SRA award supports academic research related to a fellow’s doctoral dissertation, conducted in a foreign country as a nondegree student. The host institution of the proposed research can be a foreign university, research institute, think tank, nongovernmental organization, or private firm, as long as the research conducted there is directly related to the dissertation. The Tokyo Foundation provides a maximum of US$5,000 to each successful applicant.

Details of the program can be found on the Sylff website (www.sylff.org/fellows/sra/). The list of past SRA awardees and their reports are also available (http://www.tokyofoundation.org/sylff/support_programs/sra/awardees-reports).

If you are currently enrolled in a doctoral program, you are eligible to apply.

If you have any questions, please email the SRA coordinator at leadership@tkfd.or.jp with the subject line “SRA.”