TAILOMETRICS is a project conducted by the Politics of Co-creation research group at the Centre for Consumer Society Research (Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus) at the University of Helsinki. The project runs between 1.2.2021 and 30.6.2023.

TAILOMETRICS develops an evaluation system to measure and forecast the impact of joint research projects for the evaluation of the projects funded by the Finnish Research Impact Foundation (Vaikuttavuussäätiö). The project builds on the evaluation experience of its researchers, traditional research impact metrics (bibliometrics and scientometrics), and also ‘alternative metrics’ that have been used to measure and forecast research impact. Altmetrics can be built on the information of the development of different research fields (emerging research themes and topics) and information on social networks. 

TAILOMETRICS builds on 1) desk research (topic modeling, electronic databases), 2) multi-actor workshops, and 3) surveys and network analysis of research collaboration. As a result, the project will develop research evaluation process along with a toolkit showcasing research impact.