Day 7 – Garden mapping part 2

Another day with the field work started gloomy and cloudy. Starting the day was easier than yesterday, because everyone knew what was going on.

Today we did a transect with 10-meter interval. We started near team bananas plot, continued first on the same side of the stream and then crossed the dam to the stations side. Using the same measurement tools as yesterday team took measurements from 21 randomly selected sites.

Toni filming the group

Film maker Toni was with us and interviewed some of us for his upcoming document. We are excited to see how is it going to be like!

Everything worked well, and the team seemed to know how to use all the instruments. On the other hand, Aleksi torn apart a banana tree and sunshine sensor didn’t work due to lack of sunshine. All and all it was a good day and we made some good measurements.

Hemispherical selfie

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