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I work as a university lecturer in Social Psychology at the Open University of Helsinki University (on research leave 09/2018-02/2019).

My research interests include ethnic relations, prejudice, discrimination and immigrant adaptation. Currently, my research is related to the project Reciprocal glocal neighborhoods – Russian neighbors in Finland, Estonia and Norway, led by Prof. Inga-Jasinskaja-Lahti and funded by Kone Foundation. In my previous research project LADA – The Long-Term Adaptation of Diaspora Migrants (funded by the Academy of Finland) I focused on the most pertinent pre- and post-migration factors involved in the long-term adaptation of immigrants from Russia to Finland. Based on the research results obtained, the project produced policy recommendations for recruiting immigrants, and for ensuring their integration from the very beginning of the migration process. The aim was to help the authorities in identifying groups with different needs and motivations among potential migrants, and providing support which ensures their successful integration.

I am also collaborating with many Finnish and international research projects: more information on these can be found from the blog of our ESSO research group, led by professors Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti and Karmela Liebkind.

My PhD thesis (2011) in Social Psychology examined the ethnic attitudes and intergroup relations among youth and can be downloaded from the electronic publications of Helsinki University. Further information about my recent publications and other research activities can be found here.

If you wish to know more about Social Psychological research in the University of Helsinki, please follow this link.

Contact information:

Tuuli Anna Renvik (née Mähönen), PhD, university lecturer
Open University
University of Helsinki
tel. +358-50-4488573


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