Current Research

I am currently working as a senior researcher affiliated with the Department of Social Research (University of Helsinki). My current project focuses on the relationship between economy and death in the works of selected 20th century French theorists.

My former research projects have dealt with the problem of affectivity in French social theory during the 19th and the early 20th century (Affectivity & the Social Bond), the nature-culture dichotomy in the works of Émile Durkheim and Claude Lévi-Strauss, and the problem of the Sacred in the works of Marcel Mauss, Georges Bataille and Jean Baudrillard. My most recent book, published in Finnish in 2016, targets the relationship between religion and violence in the French (Durkheimian) tradition (Religion & Violence).

My research interests are mainly on the domain of social theory, in particular on the questions concerning affectivity, violence, economy, religion and the sacred.



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