Trainee Duties

Trainee duties must be expert duties allowing the trainees to apply their education as much as possible. The duties must provide an opportunity to learn new things.

Many kinds of work tasks are suitable for trainees. Students possess a wide variety of skills; in addition to the specialised knowledge from their own field of study, university education develops the most common skills required in the workplace, such as language skills, methodological skills and the capability of internalising new information. Read more about the multi-skilled students at the University of Helsinki’s degree programmes.

Trainees can, for example, perform duties related to marketing and communications, such as social media communications, website development, content planning, content production or event communications. Read more about competence provided by a trainee.

Students’ expertise can also be utilised in various research and survey tasks. Trainees are capable of reasonably independently planning and implementing a survey project benefiting the host organisation, such as a customer satisfaction survey.  The work tasks can also be linked with the trainee’s thesis subject.

University trainees may also be employed in sales positions. Read more about what kinds of sales duties Apetit Plc offered a student of food economics.

It is good to have an existing plan for the future work tasks of trainees even at the recruitment stage, but tasks and duties can be further clarified later in accordance with the competence of the selected person.

The programme excludes professional fields such as medicine and pharmacy as well as computer science, a subject in which a wealth of traineeships is available.