The blog is five years old! Here is a round-up of the Think Open articles published this spring

During the spring, the University of Helsinki’s open science blog Think Open has published a diverse selection of articles on the openness of science from different angles. Below is a brief overview of the spring offerings.

(Tämä artikkeli on saatavissa myös suomeksi.)

Think Open blog turns five years old

The Think Open blog, which focuses on different aspects of research openness, turns five in May. To mark the anniversary, the blog revisits articles from the inaugural month of 2018. The following articles will be reviewed during this week:

The future of the Publication Forum

Open data

  • The digitisation of cultural heritage material requires a range of skills that are not always taken into account in the public debate. In her article (in Finnish), Johanna Lilja, service director of the National Library of Finland, explains the issues related to the availability, usability and preservation.

Research data management

Open source

  • University of Helsinki’s new open-source code principles were published at the end of 2022. The blog article answers questions about what open-source code principles and openness mean, to whom the principles apply and where you can find more detailed guidance on their application.

AI and open science

  • Researcher Salla-Maaria Laaksonen discusses in her blog article,”Text-producing AI and scientific openness” (in Finnish), the recent development of AI from the perspective of openness and transparency, as well as data reliability and quality. She also points out that openly available research publications could play a role in the development of AI.

Open access

Open education

  • Think Open Digest’s thematic issue for teachers provide online content – articles, services, tools, guides, and recommendations – related to open education and open educational resources (OER).

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