Clean your laptop! – Anna-Stiina Suur-Uski’s Data Cleaning Week challenge

University of Helsinki researcher Anna-Stiina Suur-Uski challenges herself and Euclid research group to join Data Cleaning Week by checking out their laptops and cleaning them of useless data. UH Data Support’s Data Cleaning Week will be held from 16th to 20th December 2019.

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Anna-Stiina Suur-Uski (TUHAT, ORCID), a researcher at the University of Helsinki, works on the Kumpula Campus and her research is related to the data analysis of cosmic microwave background. In her research, Suur-Uski deals with the measurement data from the Planck satellite, simulated measurement data, and maps computed from these. Over time, she has encountered typical data management problems.

”In my work I have noticed that maps, simulations and graphs that you no longer need piles up into the depths of the computer. It is also difficult to understand the contents of poorly named files after a few years. For my research, this is problematic because the storage space is decreasing and it is difficult to find the data you are looking for”, Suur-Uski says.

”During Data Cleaning Week, I challenge myself to clean my laptop, and I also challenge the Euclid research group to do the same.”

Participate in Data Cleaning Week!

Take the challenge and participate in the Data Cleaning Week by posting a picture of your cleaning effort to Twitter by using the hashtag #5sdata. The picture can be about folder structure, new file naming system for your group, space created by cleaning – you name it! Remember to challenge your colleagues too!

You can also participate in Data Cleaning Week by sending an email to Data Support: We convey your message through the Think Open blog, Twitter and web site.

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