New preprint repositories OSF and Science Open – a quick test

Preprint-repositories provide an opportunity for quick publication. We tested two archives, OSF Preprints and Science Open Preprints. This is the abstract of the original post (in Finnish).

In recent years preprint-repositories in all areas of science have become more frequent. Preprint is an article version before peer review which is archived to a repository for getting comments and creating visibility, sometimes also to reserve a certain topic.

We examined two new preprint-repositories: Open Science Framework (OSF) Preprints and Science Open Preprints. OSF Preprints is a large general repository for preprints which includes 2,214,238 preprints at the moment. In addition, many more are harvested from partner repositories. While we liked the variety of topics and languages in OSF Preprints and classification system, we hoped for better search facilities, like a possibility to choose language in the search.

Open Science Frameworks Preprints

Science Open Preprints is a new feature of an otherwise subscription-based index of articles. The information in preprint-pages and search facilities were good, but there are so far very few preprints directly available. Open Science Preprints concentrates on biosciences. We think the service holds a promise, once it gets going, and value the fact that the preprint-collection is curated.

Näkymä Open Science-preprint-palvelusta