Current courses (2022–23):


Doctoral Research Seminar in the Study of Religion

MA Research Seminar in the Study of Religion (KUMA-US305)

Introduction to the Study of Culture (KUKA101, team-taught)

Sources and Methods in Cultural Studies (KUKA102, team-taught)

Core Questions in the Study of Tradition and Religion (KUKA105, team-taught)

The Practice of Cultural Studies (KUKA201, team-taught)

Orientation Course in Cultural Studies (KUMA301, team-taught)


Past courses (selection):


Approaches to the Study of Religious Traditions (UH)

Key Theories in the Sociology of Religion (UH)

Sociology of Religion (UCL)

Understanding Politics I: The Big Questions (UCL)

Understanding Society I: Introduction to Social Theory (UCL)

Advanced Qualitative Methods (UCL)

Introduction to Discourse Analysis (UCL)