International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online

Mannheimin yliopistolla toimivan The European Workshop of Communist Studies -ryhmän julkaisema International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XV (2009), no. 22, eli tämän vuoden numero on juuri ilmestynyt. 364 sivua täynnä artikkeleja, projektiesittelyjä, kirja-arvioita ja -luetteloita. Toimituksen infon mukaan:

“The current issue includes 11 project presentations, 14 articles of a wide geographic and thematic spectrum, 13 book reviews and various informational items.”

“As usual, the bibliographical coverage of topics related to Communist Studies is a major focus of the International Newsletter in general and this issue in particular. Here you can find a new issue of the “International Bibliography of Communist Studies”, covering 742 book publications from 58 countries. Also, the “International Article Bibliography on Communist Studies and Related Topics”, which we introduced last year, has been fruitfully continued in this issue, covering articles published during the year 2008 in scientific journals and periodicals globally. 603 articles and other contributions have been retrieved for the year 2008. The continuous scholarly output worldwide (though with significant nuances) shows not only a high and still growing interest in comparative Communist Studies and a transnational view on Communist history in general, but also the growing participation of a new generation of scholars.”

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ITH:n Newsletter 45/3

Tämän vuoden kolmas ITH:n (International Conference of Labour ja Social  History)  Newsletter on ilmestynyt:

Newsletter vol. 45/3 (August 2009)
1. Program Linz Conference 2009 “Labour History beyond Borders: Concepts
and Explorations”
2. New Members
3. Short Report: OAH-Conference, Seattle, March 2009
4. Events and Projects
5. New Publications