On the trail from Helsinki to Turku

Even though the autumn in Finland is filled up with beautiful colors, I feel super excited to hit the road, train, sea (and whatever) towards Denmark and Holland again! Two months from my last trip to Portugal and it already feels like it was ages ago. I have visited Copenhagen a few times earlier. In Amsterdam I spent only a couple of hours in between two flights few years ago when coming back to Finland from Mexico and South America. So yes, I love travelling :). And seeing new places and meeting new people makes me feel very alive.

This trip is about so much more – I’m going to learn more about academic entrepreneurship and meet a bunch of people who have transform their words into action, creating companies who have an original outlook. This is something where I could see myself to be part of in the future. It is exciting to travel with a group of innovative people who are open to new ideas and are ready to take things to the next stage. 

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