I have mainly focused on university students’ conceptions and concept learning as well as conceptual change. While my research is in the fields of physics education resesarch and science education, I’ve drawn insight from cognitive science and philosophy of science / science studies and look to integrate these into my work. My PhD project was funded by the doctoral program of school, education, society and culture (SEDUCE). The thesis can be read here.

Selected publications:

Kokkonen, T. (2017). Models as relational categories. Science & Education, 21(7-9), 777-798. (pdf)

Thurn, C., Hänger, B, & Kokkonen, T. (2020). Concept Mapping in Magnetism and Electrostatics: Core Concepts and Development over Time, Education Sciences, 10, 129. (pdf)

Kokkonen, T., & Mäntylä, T. (2018). Changes in University Students’ Explanation Models of DC Circuits. Research in Science Education 48(4), 754-775. (pdf)

Kokkonen, T., & Laherto A., (2018). Tiedeopetuksen muuttuvat tavoitteet – sisältötiedosta luonnontieteelliseen lukutaitoon. Ainedidaktiikka, 2(1), 20-38 (pdf)

Koponen, I.T. & Kokkonen, T. (2014). Systemic View of the Learning and Differentiation of Scientific Concepts. Frontline Learning Research, 2(3), 140-166. (pdf)

Complete list of publications and activities can be found in research database Tuhat.