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2015   Contracts, Patronage and Mediation: The Articulation of Global and Local in the South African Recording Industry. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

2007  Gossip, Markets, and Gender: How Dialogue Constructs Moral Value in Post-Socialist Kilimanjaro. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

  • Winner of the Aidoo-Snyder book prize, awarded by the African Studies Association, USA, 2009.

Edited volumes:

2009  World Music: Roots and Routes. Helsinki: Collegium for Advanced Studies, e-book series, volume 6:

2009  Guest editor for a special issue on “World Music and small players in the global music industry” in Popular Music History (Equinox Publishing, London), vol. 3, No 3, 2008.

2000  Promoting Private Sector Development: Issues and Guidelines for Aid Agencies. Helsinki: Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki.

Articles in refereed scientific journals:

2017   “The Discursive Creation of a Subculture by Conscious Rap Adherents in South Africa,” Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, 42: 2, 25-42.

2016  “Syödä, Juoda ja Ruokkia: Sukulaisuus- ja Muut Suhteet Kilimanjarolla” (”Eating, Drinking and Feeding: The Creation of Kinship and Other Relations in Kilimanjaro”) in Matti Eräsaari and Katja Uusihakala (eds.) Ruoan Kulttuuri: Antropologisia näkökulmia ruoan tutkimukseen). Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura (Finnish Literature Society), 41-53.

  • Shortlisted for the prize Vuoden Tiedekynä 2017

2013  “Body Politic: The Emergence of a ‘Kwaito Nation’ in South Africa,” Popular Music and Society 36(2): 143-161.

2012  “Negotiating Value in the South African Recording Industry,” Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 37: 2, 58-64.

2009  “Introduction to the Special Issue,” Popular Music History 3:3, 207-212.

2009   “Whose Works and What Kinds of Rewards: The Persisting Question of Ownership and Control in the South African and Global Music Industry,” Information, Communication & Society (Routledge) 12:2, 229-50.

2009  “Book review: Geller and Stockett (eds.): Feminist Anthropology: Past, Present, and Future,” Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 4/2009.

2009  “Interview with Maurice Godelier: From Imaginary Realities to Social Realities” (with Janne Ahonen), Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 34:1, 62-69.

2003  “Kirja-arvostelu: Afrikkalaisen filosofian antologia,” (Book review: The anthology of African philosophy.) Suomen Antropologi 1/2003.

2002 ”Noituuden ongelma Afrikan tutkimuksessa,” (The problem of witchcraft in the research on Africa.) Suomen Antropologi 3/2002.

2001  “Gift in the Market,” Suomen Antropologi 2/2001.

1999   “Gossip, Markets and Gender,” Suomen Antropologi 3/1999.

1993   ”Materiaaliset Resurssit ja Kulttuurin Muutos Tansanialaisissa Chagga-yhteiskunnissa,” (Material resources and cultural change in Tanzanian Chagga societies) Suomen Antropologi 2/1993.

Articles in refereed scientific edited volumes:

2019 “Play and Irony in the Kwaito Music of Post-apartheid South Africa,” The Routledge Companion to Popular Music and Humor. Kitts, T. M. & Baxter-Moore, N. (eds). London: Routledge, pp. 124-131 (Routledge Music Companions).

2012  “South African Recording Industry, ” in Lee Marshall (ed.): The International Recording Industries. London & New York: Routledge.

2011 “Riivattu talo: Noituus ja sen selitykset” (“The Case History of a Haunted House: Witchcraft and Its Explanations”), in Annika Teppo (ed.):  Afrikan aika – Näkökulmia Saharan Eteläpuoliseen Afrikkaan. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.

2009  “Introduction,” in Tuulikki Pietilä (ed.) World Music: Roots and Routes. Helsinki: Collegium for Advanced Studies, e-book series, volume 6, 1-13.

2009  “Rahan voima: Muuttuvat sukupuolihierarkiat Kilimanjarolla” (The power of money: Changing Gender Relations in Kilimanjaro), in Minna Ruckenstein and Timo Kallinen (eds.) Rahan Kulttuurit (“Cultures of Money”). Helsinki: SKS (Finnish Literature Society).

2008  “Singing in the Dark? World Music and Issues of Power and Agency,” in Niels Fold and Marianne Nylandsted Larsen (eds.) Globalization and restructuring of African commodity flows. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute.

2007   “Becoming an Anthropologist: Connecting to a Metanarrative,” (with Reea Hinkkanen and Perpetual Crentsil) in Minna Ruckenstein and Marie-Louise Karttunen (eds.) On Foreign Ground: Moving Between Countries and Categories. Helsinki: SKS (Finnish Literature Society).

2002   “Drinking Mothers Feeding Children: Market Women and Gender Politics in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania,” in Deborah Bryceson and Nina Tellegen (eds.) Alcohol in Africa: Mixing Business, Pleasure, and Politics. Porthsmouth: Heinemann. 

2002  “Elections at the Borderland: Voter Opinion in Arusha and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania,” (with Ojalammi-Wamai) in Michael Cowen and Liisa Laakso (eds.) Multi-party Elections in Africa. London: James Currey.

2000  “Introduction,” in Tuulikki Pietilä (ed.) Promoting Private Sector Development: Issues and Guidelines for Aid Agencies. Helsinki: Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland.

1999  “The Politics and Rhetorics of Virginity and Motherhood: Defining Moral Value in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania,” in Karen Armstrong (ed.) Shifting Ground and Cultured Bodies: Postcolonial Gender Relations in Africa and India. Lanham: University Press of America.

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