Planned and managed research projects

I am the PI of the ongoing project entitled “The Morality of Success among the Emerging Black Middle Class in South Africa” (2016-2020). This Academy of Finland-funded project investigates the concepts and practices related to success and prosperity among the emerging black middle class in South Africa. The project employs the post-doctoral researcher Ibrahim Abraham and the post-graduate student Bjørn Inge Sjødin.

In 2013-2016, I was the PI in the research project called “Youth Music and the Construction of Social Subjectivities and Communities in Post-Apartheid South Africa”. This was a joint project based at the University of Helsinki’s discipline of Social and Cultural Anthropology and South Africa’s Human Sciences Research Council. The project was funded by the Academy of Finland and the National Research Foundation of South Africa. The included researchers were Benita Moolman, Ibrahim Abraham and Tuomas Järvenpää.

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