Translation and interpreting play an important part in society. Translation and interpreting activities  are vital from the point of view of language politics and language rights, and translations influence the development of written language, literature and society itself. Translation research provides information on the processes, results and effects of translation and interpreting. Research helps to improve translation quality and thereby promotes cultural exchanges and cultural exports on international markets. The theoretical research carried out by the community forms the basis for developing theoretical models and methods of research for applied studies. Translation research is also needed to ensure the continuation of high-quality translator education.

Terminological and multilingual research help develop tools needed by translators, such as term banks and applications for computer assisted translation. Applied terminological research also benefits the discipline in question by clarifying its concept systems and terminology. Research questions in Translation Studies and terminology typically arise from various fields of society. Therefore, researchers often have to reach out to other disciplines to find answers, use their methods and work in transdisciplinary cooperation with experts from other fields.

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